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A series of experiential retreats exploring the impact of personal loss on clinicians and other professional caregivers, this groundbreaking initiative creates opportunities for them to have their own needs for emotional support met (for a change), explore where they are in their own journey of healing, examine how their loss has affected them personally and professionally, and connect with peers who have had similar experiences. 


Created in collaboration with Jack Jordan, PhD, and Franklin Cook, MA, CPC (co-chairs of SAMHSA’s Survivors of Suicide Loss Task Force) and supported by a grant from the John A. Majda, MD Memorial Fund at UCSD, the program debuted at the National Center for Death Education in 2016 and was attended by hospice and community clinicians who care daily for society’s dying and grieving. 


This unique facilitated exploration of how their own losses impact their work was hungrily received. Given a safe environment to candidly address their unmet needs, they left re-dedicated to care selflessly for some of the most vulnerable in our communities. 


One attendee described it as “the most enlightening and fulfilling program I’ve ever attended,” concluding, “Thank you for showing us that power.” We’re now having preliminary discussions with other potential host organizations or order to reach hundreds of clinicians caregiving professionals across the country.

Interested in learning more about this program, bringing it to your community, or want to share your thoughts?

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