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Conversation Masterclass is an evidence-informed, interactive half-day workshop offering practical skills and creative ideas for facilitating any kind of group conversation. We customize the approach for your particular setting or dynamic, including but not limited to:


  • Business meetings

  • Peer support groups

  • Breakout sessions

  • Strategic brainstorming

  • Focus groups 

  • Educational programs

  • Crisis response teams

  • Inservices


We explore the difference between facilitating, leading, and teaching. We clarify exactly what your role is (and isn’t) to make you the most effective facilitator you can be. Regardless of your experience with group facilitation, you’ll learn tips, strategies, and foolproof ways to handle difficult situations. Conversation Masterclass has been delivered to thousands of people in professional, community, and organizational settings nationwide. 





“Even though I’ve been facilitating groups for a long time...I learned so many new things…”


Facilitating Suicide Bereavement Support Groups

Whether you’ve been facilitating a group for years or it’s just an idea in the back of your mind, join us for a series of Zoom training workshops to explore best practices for facilitating warm, welcoming, and effective suicide bereavement support groups. Offered in collaboration with Coping After Suicide. Information and registration

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