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Society simultaneously celebrates and vilifies beauty. We sexualize it, “genderize" it, create unrealistic standards, and then imply that everyone can and should conform to those standards. We send mixed, and sometimes harmful or even dangerous messages about what is beautiful.


But if we rethink beauty — rethink fashion —  and focus on inclusivity rather than selectivity, we can send a different and more singular message: Fashion is for the Everyperson.


Rethink The Conversation is teaming up with Nylon Magazine, a hip multi-platform media company and online publication devoted to pop culture and fashion, to create a unique event during New York Fashion Week. Fashion for the Everyperson will feature models of all shapes, sizes, colors, identities, ages, and able-ness paired with fashion industry professionals. Fashion for the Everyperson is the very embodiment of the idea that beauty can be found in all of us.

Interested in learning more about this program, or want to share your thoughts?

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